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gned supersonic combustion ramjet engi

n penetrate anti-missile defenses. Technologies from the engine can also be applied ▓to space shuttles able to make multiple trips and rendering space exploration and tourism cheaper and more viable.

Premiumwn as scramjet, the exhibition p

Fitted on a passenger jet, the engine could propel the aircraft from Beijing to New York in about two hours. While civilian use of this tech

Our. The missile-shaped Lingyun mad

nology is still in its infancy, Chinese scientists from the CAS have successfully tested a hypersonic plane in a wind tunnel at speeds up ▓to 8,640 km/h, according to papers published in February in the journal Science China Physics, Mechanics& Astronomy.Another new piece of technolog

en flight in 2015, making it

y that drew attention is the ▓processing module for China

's upcoming exascale supercomputer prototype developed by Sugon, a h▓igh-tech company affiliated with the CAS. An exascale supercomputer ▓can make a quintillion - the number one followed by 18 zeros -▓ calculations per second. That is 10 times faster than the current world cha

mpion, ▓the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight super computer.A major chal

lenge for the design of such a computer is the cooling system. Sugon engineers have created▓ a method in which the computer's processors are completely submerged in cooling liquid. This breakthrough has made possible the delivery of a protot▓ype later this year, said Chen Jin, vice-g

the second low-

cost, multipur

eneral manager of Sugon's Engineering and Technolog▓y Center."It's common knowledge that fluid can dama▓ge elect

pose hyperso

ronics," Chen said. "The catch is, this is only true with liquid that condu▓cts electricity, such as water.

nic vehicl

But we are using a special insulating liquid that does not harm the circuits and that can effectively r

e known to ▓the

emove the heat by pumping the material in and out of the system."This technology is called Immersion Phase-Chang

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e Cooling. Because the li▓quid is

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recycled and reused within the ma

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chine, the engineers▓ were able t

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o stack processors with relative e

United States

ase, thus increasing the computing

and Austral

pow▓er, Chen said.Jay Siegel, a

ia.A scramjet engine can be us

US chemist at Tianjin University, said it is ▓encouraging that China pu

ts so much effort into and attaches so much importance to educating th▓e public about science on a national scale.Foreign scientis▓ts tend to have trouble integrating into Chinese commu▓nities due to their work and cultural barriers," but events lik

e these allow us to reach out to the community and teach them about the exciting new

s▓cientific achievements that have yet to enter the textbook," he said.▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBig money aimed▓ at top universitie

sBig money aimed at top universitiesBig money aimed at top un▓iversities05-

28-2018 09:07 BJTGovt investment of 110b yuan to help put China in top talent, qual▓ity echelonChina will devote more resources to reforming

its man▓ufacturing sector with new, innovative technologies, while improving the hi

gher education system's ability to produce quality talent capable of original, groundbreaking work, officials said on Saturday.China will invest around 11▓0 billion yuan ($17.2 billion) by 2020 to help the country's top 42

ed to make

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uni▓versities become first-class institutions, while creating 137 universities with first-class standing in specific fields, Yang Wei, former director of the National Natural Science▓ Foundation of China, said during a panel discussion at the 20th annual meeting of the China Association of S

cience and Technology in Hangzhou, Z

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